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Baby Girl

“Home is not a place. It’s a feeling.” - Cecelia Ahern

The same is true for your baby’s nursery. It is not just a room in your house where your baby’s things will be kept. It is the place in your home where your baby will live, grow, and learn. In decorating the nursery, you are creating that feeling.

The nursery is where memories will be made, and this is why it is important that you carefully craft the atmosphere of this precious room. So before you plan your nursery, there is one important question to ask yourself:

“What feeling would you like to capture?”

There are many answers to this question, and yours can be totally unique to you. Would you like your nursery to be a place of:

  • Serenity and peace?
  • Whimsical and magical?
  • Playful and happy?
  • Humorous and silly?
  • Innocent and sweet?
  • Bold and adventurous?

The feeling of your nursery is meant to capture the very essence of your baby girl herself. As you choose each and every detail of the nursery, you are bringing to life the images, hopes, and dreams that you have for your baby.

The Most Important Decision About The Nursery 

The theme of your nursery sets the stage for the feeling that the entire space is going to have. Choosing the nursery theme will affect every single decision you make when decorating your nursery. It lays the foundation for the entire room and pulls everything together in unity and harmony. 

Some nursery themes are trending, and some are timeless. Some are classic, and your baby will never outgrow them, while others are perfect for those first few years until your child is old enough to have some input about their room and enjoy choosing some decor themselves. So what are the top crib bedding and nursery decor themes for baby girls? Let’s find out!

 Layla Pin & Gold Baby Bedding

Pink & Gold 

Gold is the ideal accent color to a baby girl’s nursery. It is reminiscent of princesses and fairy tales and can be very frilly and cozy, or clean and simple. Gold is especially popular when paired with pink. Pink walls with gold dots or white walls with gold stripes are both excellent ways to use gold in your baby’s nursery.

Baby Love with Hearts Crib Bedding


Is there a more perfect space that should emanate the feelings of love than a baby’s room? Hearts, hugs, and kisses are all symbols of love and are also very versatile. You can choose crib bedding and decor in subtle pastel tones or vivid, bold colors when you choose this theme. Use the word “love” throughout the room on walls and in decor.

Jamboree Elephant Girl Nursery


Ever since the release of Disney’s Dumbo in 1941, elephants have been a classic nursery decor theme. Few movies so perfectly capture the special bond that exists between mother and baby so well. Elephants represent a slow, gentle nature and create an unhurried, relaxed atmosphere for your nursery.

You can add a variety of elephant stuffed animals around the room, and they will coordinate with any elephant themed crib bedding.

Sweet Owl Dreams Girl Nursery Theme


One of the reasons that owls are so popular is that they bring a hushed, calming, nighttime tone to the room. Owl, with their large, curious eyes and innocent-looking features can bring life to a baby girl’s nursery. Placing a large tree decal on the wall adds visual interest to the owl theme and is easier than painting one and also removable. You can expand the owls theme to include other forest animals, too.

Little Woodland Girl Baby Bedding

Forest Animals  

Deer, foxes, birds, raccoons, bears, and bunnies create a magical and fun space for a nursery. One of the greatest things about the whimsical woodland animals theme is that it can grow with your child for years. You can use a great tree wall decal as a focal point and centerpiece to the entire room.

Sweet Spring Baby Bedding for Girl


Whether you choose daisies, roses, or an array of colorful flowers, a floral-theme can make a beautiful baby girl nursery. Choose a larger floral print for the comforter and a smaller floral print for the sheets and curtains. Add a bouquet of fresh flowers for the finishing touch.

Swan Lake Girl Baby Nursery Theme


When you think of your dream nursery, does it have that feeling of grace, beauty, and light? If so, swans could be the perfect theme for you.

What most people find that they love so much about the swans theme is that the simplicity it affords while capturing an air of elegance and charm. Opt for one very detailed focal point such as a print on the wall or a comforter. You can also add a touch of color here and there, as pink and white makes for a lovely nursery look.

Rainbow Unicorn Theme Girl Nursery


If you choose crib bedding with unicorns on it, you will bring the feeling of imagination and far away places to your child’s room. Add a beautiful unicorn mobile and canvas prints with dreamy quotes to bring dimension and detail. Rainbows are very complimentary to this theme and provide many colors to work with.

Hello Kitty Baby Bedding


Two of the top crib bedding and nursery decor character themes for baby girls are Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse. Both of these are timeless classics, and the accessories are endless. Start with crib bedding, wall decals, lamps, crib mobiles, and changing pad covers, and that’s just the beginning. Don’t be afraid to go all out and decorate every last inch of the space when you choose a character novelty theme. 

Inspiration To Begin

If you’d love to choose a nursery theme but simply can't decide on just one, there is an easy way to get started. Choose an Inspiration piece! An inspiration piece is just one single item that captures that feeling that you want to bring to life in your baby girl’s room.

It can be a toy, a blanket, a picture frame, or even a pair of shoes. It doesn’ really matter what the piece is and you will know it when you see it. Then, just build the room around that piece. Purchase crib bedding and decor to match it and watch your nursery transform before your very eyes.

So have you decided what feeling you want when you enter your baby girl’s nursery?


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