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Two times the joy and twice the love, welcoming twins is an exciting experience. If someone near you is having twins, you’ll want to celebrate with a gift. Selecting the right gifts for twin babies requires a blend of practicality and personal touch. In this gift guide, we’ll help you select twin baby gifts that delight parents and their little ones.

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Why Choose Twin Baby Gifts?

The best gifts for twin babies feature a unified theme. Coordinated themes and gear are not only attractive but also streamline things for parents. Parenting twins comes with a unique set of joys and challenges. Choosing a gift specially designed for twins can make getting through the first bleary-eyed months of parenthood a little easier. From double lounger pillows to matching sets of crib sheets, the options are endless. Learn which gift might be the best fit for the twins in your life.

Four Twin Baby Gift Categories to Consider

Discover some popular twin gift ideas, organized by category. Explore each category to find the ultimate inspiration for twin baby gift options.

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1. Matching Gifts

Nothing is cuter than matching gifts for twins! It’s also practical and offers an easy way to be fair to each twin. Although I didn’t have twins myself, my niece was born within months of my oldest son. When they’d play together, they always wanted the same toy. My friend who has 2-year-old twins can confirm this! Buying matching gifts means each twin has the same gift, avoiding arguments. 

Here are some matching gifts to consider:

  • Adorable Matching Mobiles: Gift the new twins in your life the cutest matching mobiles. Hang them over the twin’s cribs to create a visually harmonious nursery. Choose from our wide selection of high quality baby mobiles. For boy/girl twins, try our matching pink and blue ocean or jungle themed crib mobiles. Or, opt for matching Mickey and Minnie mobiles.
  • Coordinated Bedding Sets: Matching bedding sets helps keep a unified theme in the nursery. Plus, they’re adorable! Gift neutral options, or choose girl or boy themes.
  • Nursery Lamps: Two lamps in the nursery make it easy to manage late-night wakings. Place the lamps on opposite sides of the nursery or near each crib. Plus, lamps make an adorable nursery decor item that will enhance the theme.
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2. Practical Gifts

Twins are double the smiles, but also double trouble, in the most wonderful way. Parents need two of many baby gear items or one piece of gear that will meet the needs of twins.

  • Dual-Use Gear: Efficient and convenient, dual-use twin gear gets the job done. For example, try a twin lounge pillow. The twins can relax or enjoy tummy time side-by-side. Another option is twin carriers. A parent can carry one twin in the front and the other on their back. For parents wrangling two little ones at once, these items can be true lifesavers.
  • Functional Nursery Decor: Help the parents-to-be create an aesthetic nursery that also gets the job done. Some ideas include storage boxes for stashing diapers, clothes, toys, and gear. Or, purchase some adorable changing pad covers. With twins, the chances of the changing pad getting dirty are double, so parents will appreciate having a few back-up covers.
  • Crib Sheets: Sleep in style with adorable, comfortable crib sheets. Opt for matching sheets or choose a variety of styles that will help parents remember whose crib is whose.

Unsure what size to choose? This crib sheet guide will help.

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3. Comfort Gifts

Comfort is essential for babies. Help create a soothing, cozy space for the new twins in your life with these twin gift ideas.

  • Soft Blankets: Ultra-comforting, soft baby blankets are ideal for all babies, including twins. As a mom, I found swaddles to be essential for helping my babies sleep through the night. So, consider gifting a few swaddles.
  • Soothing Sound Machines: In the womb, babies enjoy the sounds of their mother’s heart, as well as sounds from the outside world. They are so accustomed to background noise that silence can be unsettling for babies. White noise machines can play a variety of sounds, including calming music. Playing white noise during sleep can be especially helpful with twins, as it can help one twin continue sleeping if the other wakes up and cries.
  • Baby Pillows: Create a cozy nursery with baby pillows for the rocking chair or glider. As they grow, the twins can also begin playing with baby pillows or cuddling with them.
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4. Unique Gifts for Twin Babies

Are you looking for a unique gift that will stand out? Here are some great ideas for unique gifts for twin babies:

  • Customized Decor Items: Consider buying a personalized gifts that includes the twins' names or initials. Name signs or wall decor are a few options. Or, you may consider getting a personalized book made for each of the twins.
  • Special Keepsakes: Another gift for twin baby is a plush toy. As a mother, I can also confirm the emotional side of gifts is an important consideration. A friend who has twins still cherishes matching plush toys gifted to her in the newborn stage. Plushie twin gifts also make a valuable keepsake for children as they grow.

How to Choose The Right Baby Gifts

To choose the perfect gifts for twins, consider the nursery theme. 

As a mom of three with experience in both hosting and attending baby showers, here are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing gifts for twin babies:

  • Parental Preferences: Consider the parents' lifestyle and nursery theme. You can use the nursery theme as inspiration for finding the perfect gift. For example, if the theme is Disney, you might pick out a lamp or crib bedding set that matches.
  • Quality and Safety: Choose high-quality, safe items that meet all safety standards.
  • Practicality: Opt for gifts that simplify daily routines and save time. If the parents have a baby registry or if you know them well, you might even ask them what baby items they need.
  • Growth Potential: Select items that can be used as the babies grow.
  • Space Considerations: Be mindful of the available space when selecting larger items.

By keeping these points in mind, you’ll ensure your gift is thoughtful, practical, and appreciated.

Twin Gifting FAQ

Do you still have questions? Learn more by reading these frequently asked questions.

What are the best gifts for newborn twins?

The best gifts for newborn twins include practical items like clothing, crib sheets, diapers, and blankets. Our newborn gift guide has more ideas. You may also consider gifting twin-specific baby gear such as a double lounge pillow. Other popular gifts include nursery decor and plush toys.

Do you give twins the same gift?

Giving matching twin gifts is a popular choice, as this way each twin gets the same gift. Parents of twins may be sensitive to keeping things fair, so buying the same gift for each twin can help. Also, matching twin gifts are adorable.

What are some unique gifts for twin babies?

There are many unique gift options. One gift idea is to purchase a photography session for the parents and twins. You may also consider options like customized decor or a meal service during the newborn stage.

best gift for twin babies

Discover Gifts for Twin Babies at Lambs & Ivy

Finding the perfect gift for the new twins in your life is easy at Lambs & Ivy. Explore our large collection of baby gifts, and crib bedding. Whether you’d like to give a sentimental gift or something practical, we have exactly what you need.



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