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When you’re choosing your baby’s nursery theme, you imagine creating a wonderful space for your tiny infant.

Naturally, you might gravitate toward stylish baby themes. However, your precious infant will grow into a toddler more quickly than you can imagine. Before you know it, your baby will be a little boy or girl with interests, preferences, and opinions.

So, if you can, choose a nursery theme that your baby can easily grow into. This will save you the chore of redoing your toddler’s room only 2 years after you lovingly put together their nursery. To help inspire you, here is a list of 10 great nursery themes that can grow with your baby:

1. Jungle Themed Nursery

Monkeys swinging from the trees, elephants stomping underfoot, and lions roaring in the background, the jungle theme nursery is full of fun animals. For babies, there are plenty of jungle safari mobiles and crib sheet sets that are perfect for the nursery. It’s a joy to see your baby nestled in a cozy jungle-themed crib.

As they grow, most children develop a strong interest in animals. The jungle can be the perfect stylish nursery theme for a toddler to grow into, and enjoy as they learn animal sounds, read books about them, and start to play with animal toys.

Jungle Theme Nursery

2. Ocean Theme Nursery

The nautical or ocean themed nursery is another great theme that’s great for both babies and older children alike. For babies, the ocean offers a colorful array of creatures, moving water, and glittery fish which are interesting to look at.

As children grow, they can learn more about the ocean animals and develop interest in creatures like sharks, seahorses, whales, octopuses, and more! Plus, as your child experiences more of the world, they can connect these experiences to the ocean nursery theme. For instance, a trip to the beach or the aquarium can connect them more with their room’s decor. Plus, books also help boost your little one’s interest in the stylish nursery theme that they love.

Ocean Theme Nursery

3. Woodland Theme Nursery

Bears, deer, owls, foxes, trees, and plenty of natural wood create a strong woodland theme nursery. Choose a mix of pastels and more grown up colors such as dark green and brown to create a woodland nursery theme that can easily mature with your child.

As your baby grows into a toddler, they’ll naturally become interested in the woodland animals featured in their room. Plus, you can add themed toys such as woodland stuffed animals, puzzles, and books that match the theme and their developing abilities.

Woodland Themed Nursery

4. Dinosaur Theme Nursery

Children are famously fond of dinosaurs. If you choose a cute dinosaur themed nursery crib bedding and decor, you can make the theme work from infanthood into toddlerhood. As your child grows, you can incorporate toys, posters, and decor that’s more appropriate for an older child without having to change every last detail. A dinosaur theme nursery is a great option for a stylish and fun nursery theme that can evolve and grow with your child.

Dinosaur Theme Nursery

5. Train Theme Nursery

“Choo choo!” a toddler says while pushing a wooden train across the floor. Trains are fun at any age, but especially for babies and young children. A whimsical train themed nursery can leave plenty of room for growth, especially if you tend towards more grown up colors. You can also incorporate animals into this theme to bring another element of interest to the room. Either way trains are a fun nursery theme for babies and toddlers.

Train Theme Nursery

6. Floral Nursery Theme Decor

Florals are the perfect backdrop theme that allow your little one to grow into their interests. For example, you might start out with a floral theme nursery, and then incorporate unicorns, horses, hearts, cars, bears, or anything else your child is interested in.

There are a wide array of florals available, from dainty, tiny patterns to large roses and colorful cartoon-style flowers. Choose something you love and know that you can add to the theme as it grows with your child.

Floral Theme Nursery Crib Bedding

7. Unicorn Nursery Theme

Sweet, rainbow-haired horses with a horn on their muzzle make for some of the best magical creatures. Both babies and young children can easily fall in love with these amazing, but imaginary animals. Using a unicorn nursery theme is great because even as your baby grows into a toddler, their interest in the animal probably won’t diminish for a long time.

Unicorn Nursery Theme

8. Car Theme Nursery Decor

Cars, airplanes, motorcycles, ships, and more make up a fun transportation theme for your baby’s room. From adorable crib bedding sets to decals, lamps, and mobiles, it’s easy to bring transportation to the nursery. Many toddlers also love playing with toy cars and trucks, making it an excellent theme that your child will likely grow up with well.

When your child grows, you can add transportation themed play rugs featuring roads or add train sets and vehicle toys to the room. Transportation is a fun theme that is perfect for both infants and toddlers.

9. Space Theme Nursery Decor

Imagine your baby looking up at the stars from their crib. Then, as they grow into toddlerhood, imagine your child discovering the planets, pretending to fly in a rocket, or daydreaming about the moon. The solar system and space themed nursery are stylish nursery themes that are appropriate for babies and toddlers alike.

Space Theme Nursery Decor

10. Pattern Themed Nursery

Like florals, patterns are easy to adjust for your baby as they grow into toddlerhood. Patterns like hearts, camo, polka dots, chevron, or geometric shapes are the perfect backdrop into which you can insert your toddler’s obsessions and interests as they grow! That way, you let your child do the choosing.

For example, imagine you start out with a polka dot theme and your little one later becomes interested in farm animals. You can easily add in some farm artwork, decals, and stuffed animals without changing everything else in the room.

Pattern Nursery Collection

When considering your nursery theme, remember that you can increase versatility by opting for neutral colored walls and adding artwork in frames or as decals. That way, if you want to shift gears a bit as your child grows and begins to express interests, it’s not too hard!

Also, remember that toddlers are impressionable. If you choose a fun animal, transportation, or space theme, it’s likely that they’ll grow into it and love what you’ve chosen. By opting for a topic that most toddlers are interested in, you’ll guarantee that your baby will love the theme from birth well into childhood.

Which nursery theme will you choose?

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