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Is there a new bundle of joy in your life?

There’s nothing quite as sweet and special as a new baby in your circle of friends or family. Naturally, to welcome the babe, you’ll need all of the unique newborn baby gift ideas you can find.

We’re here to help! These 10 newborn gift ideas are perfect for the new squish in your life. Plus, the recently minted parents will love them, we promise!

1. Gift Basket

Topping the list for adorable best new baby gifts, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous basket containing various items. Choose a fabulous premade baby gift basket, or make your own! Some great items to include in a gift basket are:

  • Diapers
  • Stuffed animals
  • Onesies
  • Blankets
  • Socks

Put them all together in a beautiful basket or storage bin, put a bow on it, and you’re set!

2. Wearable Blanket

It can be tough to keep a baby warm, snug, and safe while sleeping. That’s what wearable blankets are for! If you’re looking for a perfect baby gift to send, this one fits the bill. Wearable blankets keep the baby snug and warm without creating a sleeping safety hazard. Plus, wearable blankets are absolutely adorable. Coming in a variety of designs and colors, you’re sure to find the perfect one for the new cherub in your life.

3. Baby Bedding

Another fantastic option for new baby gifts to send is bedding.

If you’ve ever cared for a newborn, you know that having extra bedding is essential. Whether the baby spits up, has a blowout diaper, or another messy event occurs, having extra bedding for a quick change is always helpful.

Baby bedding is not only practical but also a gorgeous addition to the nursery that brings comfort and whimsical delight to the nursery. Whether you opt for some crib sheets or a whole set including blankets, your gift will be well-used.

4. Nursery Lamp

Every nursery needs a nursery lamp that serves during night feedings, to comfort a scared toddler, or to calm a baby while reading a bedtime story. A nursery lamp is one of the best newborn gift ideas because it’s useful, but is also thoughtful and attractive. Choose from a variety of adorable themes that the baby will enjoy looking at as they grow. Plus, you’ll always be remembered as the gifter each time they look at the lamp.

5. Crib Mobile

Help the newborn baby develop their eyesight, coordination, and language, or help them relax into a peaceful night’s sleep by gifting a crib mobile. This is one of the more unique newborn baby gift ideas, as most people are likely to give diapers and clothes. There are plenty of charming crib mobiles to choose from. Adorable animals, vehicles, planets, and even flowers are just a few of the themes you can select. For the most benefits, opt for a mobile that includes a musical element so that the baby can be softly lulled to sleep.

6. Nap Mat

Another great choice in newborn gift ideas is nap mats. These cozy, helpful items are perfect for setting up the baby for a nap wherever they happen to be. For example, if the baby needs a nap while at their grandparent’s house or at daycare, a nap mat can be a great alternative to a crib set-up. A quality nap mat will also serve the baby well as they grow and still need to nap in the afternoons. By gifting a nap mat, you can ensure that your little squish will always have a comfortable place to sleep.

7. Food

During the newborn period, there’s nothing quite as helpful as bringing a homemade meal to the exhausted parents. Caring for a baby is rewarding, but very intense. You can ease the workload for the new parents by taking a casserole or pot of soup over.

Plus, if you coordinate, you might even be able to stay to eat the meal with the whole family and get some baby snuggles while you’re there! Some infants are fussy during mealtimes, so it can be hard for the new mom and dad to eat in peace. So, if your presence is welcome, coordinate the food and visit so that you can rock the baby while the parents eat.

8. Clothes

There’s a reason clothes are one of the best new baby gifts. Namely, it’s because babies go through an awful lot of clothes and fast! When born, 6-month-old clothes drown them. But, a few months later, those same clothes barely fit.

If you’re choosing clothes to give, opt for larger rather than smaller. Otherwise, the baby may have outgrown the outfit by the time you send the gift over! Also, don’t forget less commonly gifted items such as socks, cold weather items, or shoes.

9. Hamper

If you’re looking for the most unique newborn baby gift ideas, we’ve got a great one for you: a hamper! Babies go through tons of clothes, so having a hamper in the nursery is not optional. An attractive hamper that fits in with the nursery decor is an excellent gift that will keep the room neat and organized.

10. Storage Baskets

Babies are notorious for coming with lots of gear, clothing, toys, and more! It can be hard to keep everything neat and organized. That’s where our next new baby gifts to send comes in. Storage baskets are perfect for easy clean-up that keeps the nursery neat and organized. Storage baskets are perfect for storing just about anything in the nursery, from diapers and related supplies to clothes, books, and toys.

Plus, baskets are perfect for helping the baby grow in independence and help keep the room neat. For example, if toys are kept in a storage basket, a toddler can easily toss the toys inside when done playing.

Which newborn gift idea will you choose for the new baby in your life?

With this list of amazing presents to help you choose, we’re sure that whatever you pick will be cherished.


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